Resume writing tips

Seven top tips for writing a winning worker resume

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When it comes to applying for jobs, a well-written resume is still vital and is often the first impression a potential employer forms of you. Having a winning worker resume can therefore be the difference between landing a job interview and not.

Here are six top tips for writing a winning worker resume:

Write in plain English

Get straight to the point. Explain clearly what job you are looking for and briefly outline your experience to date. Aim to write around three lines or alternatively prepare a list of short bullet points.

Use a professional sounding email address

Make sure your email address is easy to read and sounds professional. Keep it simple – you can’t go too far wrong with just your first and last name.

List all relevant past jobs on your resume in order

Start with your most recent employer and work your way down, including dates worked, location and duties. Be sure to list only relevant work experience.

Put down any specific skills and qualifications

Ensure you write down any specific skills or qualifications you have. This is particularly important if it is a requirement for the job (for example, power tool training or a heavy goods vehicle licence). Check this commercial carpenter job.

Keep it accurate

In other words, don’t lie or exaggerate your abilities. Keep all the information on your resume factually accurate. That way you won’t get caught out at interview or later down the line.


Although no longer considered compulsory to include full details of your references on your resume, it is still a good idea to put down names. List the name and contact number of the person giving you a reference, and include their relationship to you.

Proof-check your resume

Last but not least, check your resume for typos and grammatical errors. And once you’re done, check it again.

Now that your resume is all good to go, its time to take the next step. Click here to view all current opportunities and vacancies.