Keeping candidates engaged in their notice period

Keeping candidates engaged in their notice period #SilentPeriod

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Every recruiter will feel accomplished knowing that they have found the ideal candidate for a role and receives the candidate’s acceptance to their offer. There is a phase in the recruitment process between the acceptance and start date called the notice period. However, many things …

How to Reference Temporary Work on Your Resume

How to Reference Temporary Work on Your Resume

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Referencing temporary works properly on your resume can be the difference between getting hired and career frustration. The experiences of working in temporary roles provide additional value to your employment record, however, you need to validate the value these roles have offered Every professional seeking …


Why your business should consider using labour hire

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Have you thought about hiring workers through a labour hire agency? If not, there are many reasons why you should. In the competitive South Australian business environment, a flexible workforce holds many advantages. By looking at labour hire Adelaide businesses can outsource the recruitment and …


Three things to look for in a recruitment consultant — an employer’s guide

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The South Australian labour force is dynamic and ever-changing. As such, an increasing demand is being placed on local employers to source and recruit local talent that meets the demand of their given industry. While at the same time keeping costs low. Whether it be …

News announcement

Southern Cross Workforce’s new website is now live!

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Southern Cross Workforce is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. The updated site includes a host of small but slick changes which are designed to make it easier for our clients and candidates to navigate the site and access the information they …