How to Report a Workplace Injury

Workers Compensation Insurance

SCW employees are entitled to Worker’s compensation benefits as defined by the various Workers’ Compensation Laws.

Worker’s Compensation Laws generally provide medical treatment and payments while you are disabled from a work-related injury. Additional benefits may be available if the work-related injury results in permanent disability or death. All benefits are established by the various State Legislatures, under which employees are covered.

What to Do When You Have Been Injured on The Job

SCW requires you to report every injury or near miss immediately. This is to ensure that you do not incur further harm. For example, a minor cut that may later become infected.

Reporting your injury also helps ensure that any unsafe condition that could cause serious injury to the next person who performs that task is eliminated.

You must follow the steps outlined below in order to have your worker’s compensation claim processed promptly.

  1. Report the injury immediately to your onsite supervisor.
  2. Call your SCW Consultant without delay. She/he will get the necessary incident information from you.
  3. Seek the medical treatment you need.
  4. Dependent upon the type and nature of the injury you sustain, your onsite supervisor or SCW representative will either; suggest first aid treatment at the job site, or refer/suggest a medical facility for treatment.
  5. Above all, do not treat yourself! Prompt care is the best investment for your recovery. You must get a “Prescribed Worker’s Compensation” certificate from your doctor.
  6. All forms, certificates, and medical bills must be sent to your SCW Consultant as soon as possible. Failure to meet this requirement may result in your claim being negated.
  7. It takes approximately three weeks to receive notification on whether the claim is accepted. Payments can be made when liability is accepted by the relevant state authority or insurance company.

SCW Injury Report Form
Your cooperation is very important in gathering this vital information. In some states, you may be asked for information about your injury by the physician or medical facility and in others, the information may be obtained from you at the job site or have filled out the SCW Injury Report Form.

SCW will coordinate the remaining claims procedure with our insurance carrier or claims administrator. You may call your SCW OHS & W Manager with any questions you have about payments or returning to work.

Hazard, Incident, or Injury Action
Hazard (Anything that has the potential to harm).

Complete the onsite hazard report form and report to your SCW Consultant.

Incident (or near miss)
Complete the onsite incident report form and report to your SCW Consultant.

Report immediately to your onsite supervisor, seek medical attention if required, and obtain a Work Cover Certificate. Then complete a Work Cover form and report to your SCW Consultant.

Injured workers are entitled to assistance with return to work programs and other rehabilitation services, to ensure their quick and safe return to work. Entitlements differ from state to state, however, SCW is committed to working with injured workers to ensure rehabilitation needs are met and an early return to work is gained.

If you are injured, an early assessment will be made by rehabilitation consultants to establish the most suitable return to work program for you. You will be expected to fully participate in any rehabilitation program which is developed.

If you have been injured at work, you must report your injury to your supervisor and seek first aid attention, also contact your SCW Consultant immediately on 08 8357 1882 as soon as the injury has taken place.