Reasons To Use A Recruitment Agency In Adelaide For Labour Hire

Have you considered using a labour hire or recruitment agency in Adelaide to hire workers?

If your business has not used a recruitment agency before, you should give it a try, as there are many benefits of using an agency for labour hire.

In the competitive South Australian business environment, a flexible workforce holds many advantages. By looking at labour hire Adelaide businesses can outsource the recruitment and selection process and save time and money.

What Is Labour Hire?

Labour hire, also known as on-hire recruitment, allows local employers to access temporary workers. These workers are employed with the agency and hired out to the client business when they need them.

The agency pays the worker their wages and arranges all necessary paperwork. The employer then pays the agency for the services the worker provides.

Why Your Business Should Consider Using A Recruitment Agency In Adelaide For Labour Hire?

By using a recruitment agency for your business labour hire, Adelaide’s local businesses can benefit in a number of different ways:

#1 – Get The Right Workers

Labour hire allows businesses to access pre-screened workers who are qualified for the job and are ready to start straight away.  All labour-hire workers are pre-screened and referenced checked ahead of deployment.

An experienced labour hire agency will likely have assigned that worker to various other work placements and so will have an understanding as to their capabilities and whether or not they are reliable.

It is also a good opportunity to test the water and see what a worker is like before deciding whether you want to take them on a full-time basis.

#2 – Save Time And Money

As the workers are temporary the business is not obligated to keep them longer than the work permits. This allows a business to better manage its workload and keep hiring costs low.

A business may look to hire a greater number of workers when experiencing surges in workload and then scale down those numbers when peak seasons are over.

Labour hire also saves time spent on training. Rather than waste time training a new employee, a business can hire someone capable of doing the job straight away.

This way the business doesn’t have to spend as much time and energy training someone who will leave soon after.

#3 – Outsource The Time-Consuming Recruitment Process

Having to source and screen candidates is a time-consuming and lengthy process for businesses.  Businesses can increase their productivity by outsourcing the recruitment process to an agency that can deal with the hiring/screening process.

The agency also looks after the administrative side of the hiring process, including paying the worker and sorting out their paperwork. They can also advertise for positions on your behalf and create targeted job postings, detailing the requirements of each position.

Using a recruitment agency will add value to your business

#4 – Add Value To Your Business

Labour hire allows employers to temporarily hire skilled workers to fill skill shortages as and when they arise.

Having worked in various places and often different industries, labour-hire workers often possess diverse skillset. As such, they may possess a certain skill or attribute that you do not have in your current workforce.

Obtaining that particular worker may prove essential in carrying out jobs that require that skill.

How To Choose A Labour Hire Agency / Recruitment Agency In Adelaide?

The long-term benefits of using labour hire are well-known among Australian businesses. However, when it comes to choosing which labour hire agency/ recruitment agency to use this often becomes a bit trickier.

Below are some suggestions for selecting the best agency for your company’s labour-hire needs.

When choosing a labour hire agency you should look for the following:

  • local and industry knowledge — a firm grasp of the industry you work in, its nature and demands, as well as the locality
  • worker knowledge — an awareness of a worker’s strengths and weaknesses and competency for jobs
  • responsiveness — ability to rectify things when they go wrong, such as workers going to the wrong place or not turning up
  • health and safety — working with the client to ensure their employees are safe in all working conditions
  • feedback — seek to build a rapport with their workers and deliver continuous feedback on their performance
A recruitment agency service can add value to your business and save your time.

How Southern Cross Workforce Can Help Your Business Labour Hire Requirements?

Whether long or short-term labour hire, our expert recruitment team has the tools to connect you with the top talent that your business needs.

As one of the top temp agencies Adelaide has on offer, Southern Cross Workforce has an excellent record of filling job vacancies Adelaide-wide and can create unique recruitment services tailored to the wants and needs of your business.

On-hire recruitment services allow businesses to tailor their preferences to be involved as much or as little in the hiring process as they wish. You can read more about our labour hire services below.

How Do Our Labour Hire Services Work?

A Southern Cross Workforce consultant will start by taking a full position description to gain a thorough understanding of your company’s job vacancy requirements. This might include but is not limited to skills and experience, qualifications and the business culture. They will then use this information to source and select the best candidate for that role.

Here at Southern Cross Workforce, we strive to create long-term strategic partnerships providing tailored recruitment services and HR solutions that deliver results for our clients.

To discuss further how labour hire services can help transform your business, please get in touch with us today on Tel: 08 8357 1882, our friendly team is here to assist you. Alternatively, please complete the online enquiry form and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

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