Workplace Health & Safety Policy

Safety Policy Statement

The following page contains combined information about our workplace health & safety policy for employers and employees. Some content is clearly specific to employers and some specific to employees. We want people who rely on us to be well informed about the obligations for all.

Southern Cross Workforce is committed to the health and safety of all personnel and employees and strives to be an acknowledged leader in the industry. Our goal is to have an injury-free workplace. SCW will work to eliminate hazards, practices, and behaviour that could cause accidents, injuries, or illness to employees, contractors, and visitors.

Primary Goal

The primary goal of the policy and associated procedures is to assist in providing a safe and healthy work environment for SCW employer clients, employees, contractors, and visitors.

Safety Policy Objectives

The objectives of this policy are to:

  • Comply with all relevant statutory obligations.
  • Provide adequate recourses to establish and maintain a safe system of work.
  • Maintain health and safety competencies.
  • Integrate health and safety requirements in all aspects of our business.
  • Continuously improving performance through innovative technology, education, and good management practices.
  • Provide health and safety training for employees.
  • Employ only those contractors who aspire to the same health and safety standards as SCW.
  • Promote a positive health and safety culture that is based on the principle that all accidents can be prevented.
  • Provide an emergency response program for unforeseen events to minimize hazards to people, assets, and the environment.

All managers, supervisors, consultants, employees, and contractors are accountable for health and safety performance in their areas.

All employees and contractors are required to follow rules of health and safety operations, report hazards to their supervisors, and wear, where required, Personal Protective Equipment.

Our commitment to health and safety is as important as our commitment to all other business objectives.

Safety Procedures

The Safety Policy and associated procedures will be reviewed and considered with the appropriate parties on an annual basis for relevance and effectiveness. It is SCW’s policy that accident prevention will be considered as primary importance in all phases of our operation and administration.

It is the intention of SCW management to provide safe and healthy working conditions and to establish and insist upon safe practices at all times by all host employers.

Federal and State Occupational Health Safety and Welfare Acts together with good safe work practices require that all employers provide safe and healthy working conditions for all their employees.

This requirement is especially difficult for a recruitment company because we have minimal direct control over working conditions/hazards in the facilities the majority of our employees are assigned to work.

Therefore, in order to meet these obligations, SCW management, in consultation with host employers, will together endeavour to provide a safe working environment for all employees.

Our ultimate goal is to have all our employees remain free from work-related injuries and to ensure that every employee is provided with a safe & healthy working environment.

Safety – Your Participation and Responsibility

No employee is expected to undertake a job until he/she has received instructions on how to do it properly, and safely and has been authorized to perform that job. No employee should undertake a job that appears to be unsafe or use chemicals without understanding their hazardous properties if any. Mechanical safeguards must be in place at all times.

We expect you to report to us any and all unsafe conditions you encounter during your work to your immediate supervisor and SCW consultant.

Any work-related injury or illness suffered by you, must be reported immediately (no later than 24hrs from the time of occurrence) to the SCW office from which you received your assignment.

Machinery that is shut down for repair or maintenance must be locked out or tagged out in accordance with OHS&W requirements. Check with your job site supervisor for instructions.

It is your duty to follow all safety rules and procedures of both agency and host employers.

These include:

  • Knowing your job and always following safe work practices.
  • Recognizing the hazards of the job and taking precautions to ensure the safety of yourself and others.
  • Informing your supervisor and SCW consultant of hazards and making recommendations to improve safety.
  • Actively participating and co-operating in the overall safety program of SCW.
  • Using all personal protective equipment provided.
  • Attend any training you are requested by the client in regard to safety issues.
  • Horseplay, scuffing and other acts which tend to endanger the safety or wellbeing of co-employees are prohibited.
  • Work will be supervised to prevent injuries when working with equipment and when handling heavy materials and/or machinery.
  • When lifting heavy objects, employees should use proper lifting techniques.

General Safety Rules

  • Always wear a hard hat in designated “Hard HAT” areas, wear safety glasses or goggles, safety gloves, safety belts, etc where advised or mandatory. You must have all PPE before commencing any work on site. If you don’t, contact your SCW consultant for instructions.
  • Wear safe work attire.
  • Wear appropriate hard sole shoes and/or safety shoes. Steel cap shoes are recommended and in some workplaces, are a requirement.
  • Do not wear ill-fitting or baggy clothes or dangling jewelry around moving machinery. These items are a safety hazard and must not be worn while working.
  • Long hair must be kept behind the neck and shoulders to prevent entanglement with machinery.
  • Remove jewellery before working around moving machinery or electrical equipment and while handling heavy objects.
  • If you are involved in any accident that results in personal injury, get first aid attention promptly, inform your onsite supervisor and advise SCW immediately (no later than 24hrs from occurrence)
  • Do not operate any equipment which, in your opinion is not in a safe condition. Instead, speak to your onsite Supervisor and if necessary, call your SCW consultant.
  • Always ask your onsite OHS&W Manager for instructions. If they can’t provide them, speak with your SCW OHS&W Manager.
  • Obey all work site rules, government regulations, signs, markings and instructions.
  • Be particularly familiar with those that apply directly to you. If you don’t know or are unsure then ASK.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Random drug and alcohol tests may be carried out either at the request of Southern Cross Workforce or the host employer and if a positive reading is returned Southern Cross Workforce will have to respect the decision of the host employer as to whether the assignment continues or not.